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Open-Square Roman Glass & Sterling Necklace

Item # 32970
No longer available

An exotic piece of authentic fused glass from the Roman Empire -- dating from approximately 2,000 years ago -- is translated into new life in this eye-catching necklace. Framed in an open square of sterling silver, a breathtaking tablet of glass captures the elegant majesty of times long past.

Ancient Israel was one of the largest glass producers of the Roman Empire due to its large stretches of sandy dunes and beaches. These same sands helped preserve the glass through the centuries, shaping and tempering it into the jewelry-quality pieces being excavated today.

Measures approximately 0.75" sq. (1.9 cm). Handmade in Israel. Please note: To preserve the patina, ensure that the glass does not come into contact with water.

  • Pendant Only -- $32.95
  • With 18" (45.7 cm) Rope Chain -- $37.95
  • With 18" (45.7 cm) Snake Chain -- $42.95

* Shown on snake chain

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Artisan: Roman Glass Company

The Roman Glass Company is an exciting bridge between the Old and the New Worlds. Located on Kibbutz Revadim, south of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in Israel, it exists in a traditional Kibbutz community functioning with a modern capitalist approach. A kibbutz is traditionally a collective community where the kibbutzniks (those living in the kibbutz) work together building their agricultural industry. Today, many communities have moved towards other areas of the economy such as high-tech enterprises and small businesses.

Using fragments of genuine, ancient Roman-era glass, the designers create modern settings to enhance their beauty, thus truly bringing history to life.

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